Can Shingles Spread Among People?

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Can shingles spread among people?

This type of viral infection can leave painful blisters anywhere on the body. For those who experience shingles, working and concentrating can be difficult without treatment. Understanding how shingles is contracted is crucial to stop the spread.

What Is It?

This particular virus usually takes the form of a single strip of blisters along one section of the body. This rash can be quite painful if it is not treated. The best ointment for shingles is often a natural treatment such as Emuaid.

Rashes from this virus can cause a burning sensation as well as numbness or tingling. Many people experience sensitivity to touch and fluid-filled blisters that can easily break open. Many rashes are itchy, but should not be scratched. This type of rash usually begins a few days after localized pain.

Is It Contagious If I’ve Had Chickenpox?

This type of rash is caused by a specific virus that can also cause chickenpox. Just because an individual has already had chickenpox does not mean they are necessarily safe from contracting it. Even those who have received a chickenpox vaccine may be susceptible at some point during their lifetime.

It is not technically possible to catch the rash from somebody else. However, this does not mean the virus itself cannot spread. Chickenpox can be contracted from someone who has the rash if proper precautions are not taken. The risk for catching chickenpox from someone who is currently infected with the virus increases if the individual has not already had chickenpox.

Almost anyone can get this particular virus, but certain individuals are more at risk. Those with weakened immune systems or who are older than 40 are especially at risk. Certain cancers, HIV, and autoimmune diseases can increase the chances of contracting this virus.

How Does It Spread?

This type of rash can develop anywhere on the body, including the face. For areas that are infected, this can mean exposure to air. Those who have contracted a rash on the face or other areas of the body that are not covered can infect others.

The virus can spread if another person comes into direct contact with pus inside the blisters. Although the actual rash caused by this virus cannot spread to another person, it can pass chickenpox to another individual.

The rash is most contagious during the first few days. This is when many people experience symptoms such as tingling skin, numbness, or burning. As soon as the rash appears, the virus begins to shed from the lesions. The best ointment for shingles is often natural treatment.

Although it is most likely to be spread during the first few days, other individuals can be infected for up to seven days. Since the rash is spread through direct contact from the fluid-filled blisters, it is usually not as easy to contract. This type of infection cannot spread through air particles or drinking from the same glass.


Those infected with the virus should not share towels or bedding until the last blister has scabbed. To decrease the possibility of sharing the virus, they should avoid contact sports or swimming with others until the rash has healed.

Chickenpox is not always a harmless condition. Pregnant women and those with a weakened immune system can experience difficulties. If a viral rash is present, limiting direct contact is crucial.

Treatment For Rashes

There is currently no cure for shingles. While it cannot be eradicated all at once, treatment can help an individual feel better. Since this virus lasts approximately two to four weeks, consistent treatment is vital. Depending on the type of treatment used, some work faster than others.

Shingles ointment is often the preferred treatment as it can be directly applied to the rash. Topicals and creams can cool the burning sensation as well as keep the area moist and hydrated. Since ointments are not ingested, they frequently work much faster than pills or capsules.


In addition to treating itchiness or pain, covering the rash is often advised. This not only prevents the virus from any possible spreading, but it can also help keep harmful bacteria away. There are several ways to successfully cover a rash without blocking air or causing further growth. Loose clothing or non-stick dressing is usually recommended.

For immediate relief, many topicals and shingles ointment can be found in local convenience or grocery stores. Staying covered, hydrated, and rested can ease the discomfort of this virus.

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