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All of us who createad El Túnel work at Short & Tall an Argentine advertising agency specializing in technology products and services. We are a very diverse group of people.

Some of us work in the Marketing and Communication Strategy Area, Art Direction and Design, others in Creativity, Writing, IT and even Journalism, but we all work eagerly. We put lots of energy into our work because we like what we do.

But sometimes we need to rest, move away from the hustle and bustle and feel the pleasure of traveling far away. That's why we created El Túnel.

We found out that some of us shared the same passion: photography. Combine that with our love for traveling and communicating. Broadly speaking, these were the elements that combined to make us want to create a place allowing people to connect and share their views.

El Túnel is, by its very nature, a place subject to change by those adding their ways of seeing. But, as a member of this tunnel-building community, you can also contact us to talk, give an opinion or make suggestions.

Idea and coordination: Eugenio Su?er
Direction and Communication Strategy: Francisco Argerich
Creative Direction: Ricardo Sp?tola
Web Design: Eduardo Sierra
Web Production: Ricardo Richards
General Production: Carolina Ramis
General Production: Azzahra Mumtaz

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