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El Túnel is a site for photograph and travel lovers. Here you can upload your travel galleries and share them with other photographers who are members of the El Túnel community.

To be able to participate, the photos should show a unique and original view of the place you are shooting and add your personal value in portraying each place you have visited. We are looking for new, valuable and interesting views, to get to know t

Your photographs will be assessed together with photographs sent from around the world. There are many aspects to be taken into account when selecting a photograph. Selection is strict both as regards technical aspects and content.

The idea is for you to tell what a place looks like, therefore it should be a series of at least 5 photographs.

Your photographs can be color or black-and-white.

Photographs should be of a place other than your birthplace or hometown. Part of El Túnel?s philosophy is to tell a story based on your own view, as you discover a new place. This results in a more enriching approach, a more acute perspective when it comes to the nuances local people are unable to capture since their vision is tarnished by their surroundings.

The use of Photoshop is not forbidden and it is considered a valid artistic device, but photographs should be natural and tell about the place you have visited.

We hope you can find a place among the best.

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