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The reasons behind El Túnel.

El Túnel's reason is photography, the best travel pictures, those you can stare at for a long while, those which have something aesthetic that stop you from looking away.

This is the place to hobnob with the most outstanding photographers. Top photographers gather here since material by people from all over the world is received and selected based on high standards.

This is why the best travel photos come through El Túnel. All the galleries suggest, taking certain artistic and technical aspects as starting point, a more intimate contemplation approach.

The idea is to exchange views. Any time you wish to see any place in the planet, you will find different ways of reaching the same place, through photographs taken by people with different sensitivities.

"(...) and it was as if the two of us had been living in parallel passageways or tunnels, not knowing that we were side by side, as equal souls in equal times, to meet at the end of those passageways, in front of a scenery painted by me (...) as a secret announcement that I was already there and that the passages had finally joined and the time to meet had come."

Ernesto S?bato, ?El Túnel? (published in English as "The Outsider")

A necessary condition is that those photographs are taken by non-local people, that is to say, travelers. Travelers have a very special energy set on exploring, unlike local people, whose ability is taken away by their familiarity with the place. Instead, the travelers ability to "discover" is intact.

Visual language is the starting point of our relationship. Communicating by quietly contemplating. Extending links to relate peacefully to people all over the world.

Discovering is the exact word. Each gallery is like finding something unknown, a new village, a new city, a new country, a new continent. We invite you to show the places you have discovered in your trips and to enjoy other people's trips. Join us and share your vision of the world, be part of El Túnel.

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