Photography Contest

Photography Contest

The idea is to unify people and ideas from every part of the planet and create a global multicultural project. Send us the photographs of the most particular places where you have been outside from your place of origin. Through "The tunnel" we will unify the images that other people have of your culture and at the same time you will make them receive your vision of the ones that impact you most. .

Basis and conditions to participate of "El Túnel" photographic contest and show

1. We invite amateur photographers to send their work to participate of an on-line photograph show.

2. Each photographer can send one or more "series". Each serie will be composed by 10 to 20 photographs that reflect one common motive (a geography or a culture) different to the original place of the author.

3. Each serie can have either colours or black and white pictures.

4. Each photograph has to be correctly digitalized in format: TIFF, JPG, TGA, BMP or PSD. The photos that are part of the same serie have to be send in only one compressed file (ZIP, RAR or CAB). The total weight of the file compressed can not be more than 10 Mb.

5. The photographer must attach the following information: tittle of the serie, place where it was taken, place of origin of the author, name or pseudonym and an e-mail to be contact.

The best works will be publicate at El Tunel international photography show

Send us your pictures and make the entire planet see them.

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